Social Media Content Planner Spreadsheet


UGH–Social Media is planning, is the freakin’ worst! And if your system-y, spreadsheet loving brain has been trying to make sense of social without all the pieces to bring intention to your strategy…I’m sorry!  Well have no fear I have a new pretty spreadsheet to help you conquer your social media content with confidence. From planning your grid (if that’s important to you), prompts to guide captions, and even call to action help–this spreadsheet has you covered. So forget about torturing your spreadsheet loving brain and start geeking out on your social media content!

Let's be media is such a pain in your forkin' ass!!!

All the moving pieces, and arbitrary considerations make your spreadsheet loving head turn to mush.

Oh Social Media–the bane of most business owners existance. Especially when it comes to neurodivergent folks–I mean let’s be real if we ate today it’s a good day. And you want us to think about what we’re gonna post next month on social?! 😱

I THINK NOT–well not without some guidance that is.

Look–chasing the algorithm. Friending just to unfriend. and all that other bullshit to “grow” your following is just that–bullshit!  It’s a giant energy drainer, that isn’t sustainable for anyone, let alone a person who woke up with negative spoons!  So we’re gonna change the system.

Molly Hicks, Brand Strategist and CEO/Founder of The Get Shit Dones Zone for Neurodivergent Business Owners is wearing a black and white striped comfy shirt, and oversized gray sweater with black nail polish and her long hear down and loose while scrolling social media and laughing at neurodivergent memes about spreadsheets.

If your brain thinks in spreadsheets, dreams of spreadsheets, and loves all things spreadsheets--you better believe your social content planner needs to be a spreadsheet!

An iMac shows the Social Media Content Planner Spreadsheet (Google Sheets Version) on the content writing tab, where you can see the whole months schedule for posting, call to action prompts, and the anticipated grid patter for Instagram users.

Ready to Spreadsheet-ify your Social?!

Plan big picture

The hardest part for many is knowing what to actually post about on social. So we'll start by planning out key content concepts to make sparking captions easy.

remember the ask

The last thing we want to do is over (or under) ask for the sale. So you'll map out key calls to action for your specific business model and start an system to keep it consistantly inconsistant.

Write It All Out

This is where you can customize the workflow to how you think. For me--I write the prompts for the whole month, and then go back and write out all the captions, stories, and more. But it's about what works for you!

When we take out the chaose of social media and break things into brain pleasing logical chunks, things start to finally make sense.

Look–I’m not here to say that social is easy or that it doesn’t take some work. But the headache and stress over what to post and when can be eased by creating a custom system made for YOUR business. That’s what the Social Media Content Planner oes for you.

Using your brain’s love of spreadsheets, and information buckets–you can build a social media content plan that is much more manageable. With tabs for each month’s content, and columns to help you keep all the different things like hashtags, prompts, graphic wording, tiktok/reel ideas and more!

Plan your IG Grid
Gone are the days where you dream of a cohesive IG grid pattern. The Social Media Content Planner Spreadsheet has a tool to help you design and implement your cohesive pattern.
Develop Brand Centered Content
Using this spreadsheet will help you develop content prompts that stay in line with your brands mission.

So no more worrying about if posts about your cat are okay--because if cats are important to you--then they are!
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