Client Experience Design Guide–Map. It. Out.


Does your client experience feel like a hot mess? Then it’s time to bring some intention to the table! This 28+ page client experience design guide (and workbook) is here to you map shit out in your biz. Work through the guide and start reviewing, tweaking, improving, and implementing what you and your biz need more of to grow.

Did someone say client experience?

If you've spent the last few weeks, months or years in--"just get it out there" mode, you probably are looking for some changes to happen in our business. Well--before I help with the solution, I want to tell you how amazing you've done and tell you to take a quick break. (We don't want to get into burn out mode!) And secondly--this workbook helping you map out your client experience is going to be a biz changer!

From "get it done" to map shit out

Okay--when a biz is in "get it out there" mode, you tend to do a lot without much intention behind the actions. You are in biz survival mode, and it feels more like throwing spaghettie at the wall and seeing what sticks. After a while in this mode you do gain some key insight into yourself, your business, and your ideal client--but you start to get biz frustration as well. That's where this Client Experience Design Guide comes in!

Inside the Map it out guide you'll find information to help you understand

Ready to map shit out and put intention behind your client experience?

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